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The Secret Sauce Society is a professional, membership-driven organization for like-minded servant-hearted leaders to gather, learn, and grow. We believe that the most empowered and fulfilling way to live and lead is through service. We, therefore, provide support, host events, and facilitate monthly mastermind groups for members and guests seeking to nurture and develop this mindset and behavior within themselves and throughout their organizations. In sum, our goal is to instill a better, more sustainable way of living, leading, doing business, and scaling profit for the greater good.

If you feel you are one of us and share our values, we invite you to register and attend one of our evening events - always on the third Wednesday of every month from 5-8 pm at various locations throughout the Valley. Experience how profoundly different it is from all others. If you feel you would like to become more involved and would like to learn more and grow yourself and your organization in the most fulfilling and profitable way, we invite you to consider becoming a member.

For questions on membership, please contact us by clicking the contact tab above or through the contact information provided at the bottom of this site. Thank you.

It's netGIVING NOT netWorking

So, here is how it all shakes down...we meet once a month. There will of course be drinks, smiles, laughter, and incredible food but that is not why our members keep coming back month after month and year after year. They show up to do one thing and one thing only...To positively impact the life of someone else in the room.

To us, this is the Secret Sauce...when we develop new, more meaningful relationships based on service. Whether it's offering time to help solve a problem, facilitate an introduction, or simply opening a door for their loved one in need, Secret Sauce Society members are dedicated to helping others. And, we do it without expecting anything in return.

Now here is the best part… the actual “secret sauce”… relationships that form out of selfless service not only are more authentic but, the business exchange that is ultimately conducted through our group, over time not only feels better, it is more trusted and frankly there is More Of It!

We are so proud of the countless collection of both the beautifully human and business success stories that have come out of our unique gatherings. And, while millions of dollars have been made for our members, we are most proud of the way it is done, by relentlessly applying the level of G.A.S. that we all share to simply serve and along the way develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.
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The Secret Sauce Society, exclusive to business leaders, executives, and professionals, fosters impactful connections and support, promoting a culture of giving first. Monthly events in Phoenix Metro by invitation only.

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